Skijoring for beginners

Skijoring, if done right, could turn into a lot of fun. If you have been to such Skijoring events, then you would understand the rush involved with the sport. Once you see it, you would want to be a part of the sport, it's that good! Mentioned below are the various techniques related to Skijoring for beginners.

What do you need?

If you don't like winter or have a dread of the cold, then sorry, but Skijoring is not for you. But, if you are the one that loves to be out in the snow, especially doing something daring, then read on!

For Skijoring you need a sturdy pair of skis. For starters, the ones that you have would work fine, better ones could be bought later.

Then, you need a dog! coupled with some commands for him to obey. The dog should be at least 30lbs, for Skijoring to work at all. Sorry, but your small dog can't make the cut, it's just not safe enough for him. Also, you need a Skijoring belt and a gangline, which could be purchased at any quality outfitter. And some protective gearing, like a helmet, after all, it's an adventure sport!

Basic Commands

Learning these basic commands is an imperative for the success of Skijoring, as it would ascertain that your dog obeys you completely.

Line out, this would make the dog walk to the end of the gangline, so as to even out any slack on the line. It's important that this command is taught first. If your dog isn't further away from your skis, then it's at a risk of injury.

Hike, this command cajoles your dog into moving forward or running. Now, which dog doesn't love doing that?

Gee (Left) and Haw (right), these commands are important to provide directional input to your dog's movement. You wouldn't want your dog to run unabated, wouldn't you?

Whoa, this command would make your dog stop, and impede further movement.

Keep on practicing

As they say, watching swimming videos wouldn't make you an expert swimmer. Same holds true for Skijoring. If you practice, you would be soon drawing more than some eyeballs. Keep on practicing till you feel as if you have perfected the art, then practice even more! But, make sure that you enjoy it all along!

Ask Experts

Don't be shy about asking someone who's a veteran of Skijoring. After all, they would have also committed all the mistakes that you would, as a beginner.

Skijoring could be quite a lot of fun. If done correctly. Make sure you put your safety before everything else, and remember, don't chase! No matter how tempted you are to do so.