A variation of skijoring

Snowboarding is a popular sport during winter and a popular recreational activity in ski resorts. It involves a person sliding from a hill that is covered in snow with a snowboard attached to his or her feet. It takes an incredible amount of skill and combines the thrill of skateboarding with the fun of snow skiing.

Types of snowboarding

1. Freeriding

In this type of snowboarding, riders ride at their own leisure in any terrain. They can ride natural features and even add freestyle elements. However, this riding style has limited access to mountains due to the dangers that exist.

2. Freestyles

Whether in urban environments, backcountry or terrain parks, in this type of snowboarding, riders can ride from any terrain and even add tricks.

3. Urban

This style of snowboarding is characterized by the use of the existing features around urban centers as well as human made landscapes such as walls, parking structures, ledges, handrails etc.

4. Half pipe

This style of snowboarding involves performing tricks when riding though a U shaped snow feature at high speed.

5. Boardercross

In boardercross four snowboarders race down a course of berms, jumps etc. it can also include other races such as giant slalom and slalom. Slalom is basically a timed race through multiple gates

Snowboard betting

It is possible to bet on snowboarding especially during world championship, world cup and the Olympics. It is quite difficult to find sportsbooks that accept wagers outside these events. Players wishing to bet should check around for a sportsbook that consistently offers betting lines on snowboarding.

Most bets are moneyline wagers where bets are placed on who may win a particular snowboarding event. Each competitor along with odds attributed to them are listed by the sportsbook and betters wager on whom they wish.

Major snowboarding events to bet on

The increasing popularity of snowboarding has gained it as a sport in the following major events:

• Winter Olympics

Winter Olympics is a huge winter sports competition that occurs every four years. It includes more than just snowboarding as many other winter sports are showcased here. During winter Olympics, snowboarding betting picks up with major sportsbooks accepting snowboarding bets.

• LG FIS Snowboard world Cup

LG FIS Snowboard world Cup is yet another major even for snowboarders. It begins in September to march and involves participation by some of the best snowboarders in over 20 countries.

• FIS World Championships

Held every odd year, the world championship allows the participation of snowboarders where they compete in the big air, parallel giant shalom, half pipe, parallel slalom and snowboard cross.